DIY Guitar Building – Day 7 (Part 2) – More Body Shape Routing

Welcome back.  We’re back in the wood shop again for this installment of DIY Guitar Building to finish off routing the body shape.  We will now remove our template after having routed out the pickup and control cavities and flush up the rest of the body using the part that has already been flush-cut as our guide.  Check it out!

Thanks to Rick D. for lending a hand with the video shooting.

To recap:  The flush cutting router bit we are using has a 1 inch cutting depth, and the thickness of the body is and inch and a half thick.  The template on top is made out of MDF and is either 5/8 inches or 1/2 inch (I’d have to get off my ass and walk downstairs to check, so I’m not gonna right now).  Basically we can’t flush up the entire thickness of the body in one pass using the router bit we have, so we did it in two passes.  First with the template on, then again with the template removed.

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