DIY Guitar Building – Day 5 – Truss Rod Channel Repair (Part 1)

Welcome back!  In this episode of DIY Guitar Building I explain what what we were trying to do and what happened when we were routing the truss rod channel for our neck-through guitars.  So, if you watched that last video you saw how NOT to route a truss rod channel

Basically we were having some problems with the shaper we were using, and routed all the way through the neck as you saw in the last video. Naturally, I was absolutely crushed when this happened, and pretty much figured the project was scrapped and we were gonna have to start all over again.

But Bob had a clever idea for how we could repair the necks.  Of course, naturally I was skeptical, so I didn’t record much video footage of the process.  So, I decided I’d take a brief moment to explain what we were trying to do and what happened. So, as you can see in the video I teamed up with some Dreamworks Animators and some NASA scientists to bring you a stunning visual demonstration of the events of that day, so that the viewers out there (if there are any) could visualize what REALLY happened!!

So here is what was supposed to happen:  We’d slide the neck upside down (fingerboard side down) with the guide fence set up so the router bit was aligned with the center-line of the neck, and with the bit set to the proper cutting depth.  I anticipated that we were going to take several passes to do the job, but that’s not what happened.  Anyhow, we would guide the neck along the fence and the channel would be cut and we can move on…  Simple.  Right?

Now, here is what happened. As we were cutting the channel, the router was digging into the wood and due to centrifugal force the router bit started slipping out of the collete, and cutting deeper into the wood until it finally pierced through the neck.  Once we realized what was happening we tightened the heck out of that collete and gave it another shot.  I can’t remember if we tried first on a piece of scrap wood or not.  But if we didn’t…. we should have.  Nonetheless, it wouldn’t have mattered.

CRASH! BANG!  BOOM!  The guitar project has now become fire wood…

or so I thought….  Check out the video and stay tuned for the follow up!!

Thanks for checking in!!