Yo, what up?  This is Mike Granger (left) here, just bringing you a blog documenting my first guitar build, as well as some other do it yourself projects geared towards music gear.  I will be assisted by the one and only Bob Diaz (right) out here in the beautiful San Fernando Valley.  Yes, we’re from f’ing southern California, and this is how we roll.

Okay, I haven’t quite figured how this whole thing works, but I guess I’m just gonna post one every time we get together to do some guitar building.

If you feel like checking it out…. cool.

If not… that’s cool, too.  (I agree.  There’s far too much crap on the interweb as it is)

Anyway, stay tuned for some good times.  I’ll post pictures and videos as they come to me, that way you all can check it out.  You might learn something, you might not.  Post comments, ask questions if you want.  I’ll try to answer.  And, I’ll start posting some resources I’ve found to be valuable in all of my research, too.